Christian Apologetics

Does Your Truth Match Reality?

Dr. Heinz Lycklama

This set of lectures/presentations is suitable for use in a Sunday School class setting, for teaching students in Bible Schools, and for others interested in learning more about Christian Apologetics.  The Word documents and the PowerPoint slides will help the believer see that the Truth found in God’s Word does match reality.  They will also challenge skeptics to ask the same hard questions about their “truth” and see whether what they believe matches reality.  The following topics/questions are addressed:

[Note:  A Syllabus –  SyllabusApologeticsLycklama.doc describes the Christian Apologetics course  given in Athens, Greece in March 2012.]

  1. Does Your Truth Match Reality? – Reality.ppt [Notes]
  2. Jesus’ Credibility – Is He God? – IsHeGod.ppt [Notes]
  3. Prophecies Come True – Messianic + Others – Prophecies.ppt
  4. Christ Rose From The Grave – What is the Evidence? – Resurrected.ppt [Notes]
  5. Is the Bible God’s Word? – GodsWord.ppt [Notes]
  6. Does Archaeology Verify the Bible? – Archaeology.ppt
  7. Creation Apologetics – CreationApologetics.ppt
  8. Is the Bible Reliable Scientifically? – Bibrel.ppt
  9. Why Is There So Much Pain and Suffering? – PainSuffering.ppt [Notes]
  10. Is the Christian Faith Rational? – RationalFaith.ppt [Notes]

These lectures demonstrate that the Christian faith is reasonable, rational and defendable.  Does your “truth”, i.e.what you believe to be true, match reality when you subject it to the same objective scrutiny?  References to web pages, books and Christian Apologetics organizations are provided for those who wish to study this topic further.

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