Creation vs. Evolution

Lectures on the Creation/Evolution Controversy
Dr. Heinz Lycklama

This set of presentations is suitable for use in a Sunday School class setting,  for teaching students in Bible Schools, and for others interested in learning more about the Creation/Evolution controversy from a biblical perspective.  The PowerPoint slides will help the believer defend the Bible’s teaching on Creation.  It will challenge the skeptic to take an honest look at what the Bible AND science have to say about creation.  The following questions/issues are addressed in these presentations:

  1. What is the controversy and why does it matter? – intro.ppt
  2. Is the Bible reliable scientifically? – bibrel.ppt
  3. What does archaeology say about the Biblical record? – archaeology.ppt
  4. What does the Bible say about creation? – bibcreat.ppt
  5. The evidence for a global flood? – flood.ppt
  6. What do the physical sciences say about creation? – scicreat.ppt
  7. What do the life sciences say about creation? – scicreat2.ppt
  8. What do the earth sciences say about creation? – scicreat3.ppt
  9. Scientific evidence for a young earth. – young.ppt
  10. The Scientific Case Against Evolution.  – EvolutionNo.ppt
  11. Compromising theories – Theistic Evolution, Day-Age theory, etc. – compromises.ppt
  12. What is Intelligent Design? – design.ppt
  13. Ten Frequently-Used Icons of Evolution. – ten-icons.ppt
  14. God’s Incredible Creatures. – creatures.ppt
    [See also slides 9-30 from Dr. Gish – Creation, Evolution and Biology.ppt]
  15. What is the impact of evolution on our society? – impact.ppt
  16. How then should we as Christians respond? – response.ppt

Evolution is the greatest myth ever foisted on our society in the name of science.  If you wonder what your children are being taught in public school about the origin of the universe and of life, you will want to make yourself familiar with this material.  If you believe in the Bible as the infallible Word of God AND in evolution, find out the real facts.  References to web pages, books and Creation organizations are provided for those who wish to study this topic further.

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For more information contact:

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Cell:             425-501-5075
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  1. I agree. So many people seem to believe that evolution theory is a proven fact and not just a theory. We Christians need to share with the world how we are being brain washed. Great to hear from you Darlene.

  2. See this Post to understand why Evolution is NOT good science!

    — Heinz —

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