Dr. Larry Vardiman Talk on GLOBAL WARMING

Dr. Vardiman gave a one-hour talk on Global Warming on Friday, Nov. 18 at the Apologetics Forum meeting.

Larry has a PhD in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University and has the technical expertise to evaluate whether Global Warming is a real threat to the Earth as the UN IPCC says that it is. The latest findings show some surprising results.

His conclusions are consistent with my presentations on this subject in the past.
1. http://www.heinzlycklama.com/climate-change/global-warming-analysis/
2. http://www.heinzlycklama.com/climate-change/
3. http://www.heinzlycklama.com/2015/11/22/climate-change-and-climate-control/
However, he has additional credibility since he really IS a climate scientist.

You can view his recorded talk and look at the slides he used by going to the event description here:
Scroll down to “Lecture Recordings”. Larry used only the first 33 slides in the PPT file. The rest of the slides provide more details but are used in some more in depth presentations.

The video recording is stored on YouTube here:



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