CO2 Cannot Drive Global Warming (GW) & GW Alarmism (GWA) Is Not Warranted

In studying the claims of GW Alarmists since 2009, I have identified at least 16 reasons how and why the GW claims made by the alarmists are not substantiated by the evidence. GW alarmism is not supported by the facts and is not warranted. A non-problem does not require a drastic policy decision and solution. Here are the reasons:

  1. Climate has always been changing over the last thousands of years.
  2. CO2 is required for life, increases food production, and is not a pollutant.
  3. The science is not settled.
  4. CO2 cannot drive Global Warming.
  5. Total Solar Irradiation can cause significant fluctuations in the climate.
  6. Pacific Decadal Oscillations (PDO) can cause significant fluctuations in the climate.
  7. Full implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement would have almost no effect on the climate, even by 2100.
  8. UN IPCC climate models are not realistic.
  9. Surface weather stations give less accurate and higher average temperatures than satellite measurements.
  10. Polar bears are thriving, not becoming extinct.
  11. Sea Levels are not rising as fast as predicted.
  12. Arctic sea ice is not  disappearing.
  13. Weather extremes are not increasing.
  14. UN IPCC Charter limits it to identifying only human causes of GW.
  15. UN IPCC officials admit that its real agenda is to redistribute wealth.
  16. The alleged “97% consensus” of scientists is bogus.

Technical references for each of these reasons is provided in this supporting  Downloadable file. One of the references is the Recording of, and the Powerpoint slides used in, the presentation made to the WA State Senate Committee on Climate Change by Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor of Geology at Western Wash. Univ., and a specialist in global climate change. A recent Powerpoint presentation made by Dr. Heinz Lycklama on What About Global Warming? provides further evidence for these 16 reasons. I challenge GW Alarmists to disprove any of the 16 reasons by providing the technical evidence and references to that evidence.

Dr. Heinz Lycklama (PhD in Nuclear Physics)

More Recent References
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