2009 Messages

MFV in 2009 – A presentation on Teaching Overseas was given at Missions Fest Vancouver in January 2009:

Seattle in 2009 – A presentation on  Evolution and Science was prepared for a Skeptics Society meeting on February 17, 2009:

Bulgaria in 2009 – A number of presentations related to Creation v. Evolution and Christian Apologetics were given in Varna, Bulgaria in March 2009. They include [along with Bulgarian translations]:

  1. Questions About the Theory of Evolution – EvolutionQuestions.ppt [Bulgarian version]
  2. The Bible, Science and Creation – ScienceCreation.ppt [Bulgarian version]
  3. Archaeology and the Biblical Record – ArchaeologyBible.ppt [Bulgarian version]

MFS in 2009 – Presentations given at Missions Fest Seattle, October 2-3, 2009 in Bellevue, WA:

  1. Children’s Program on Friday, October 2:
  1. Archaeology and the Bible – ArchaeologyBible.pdf.
  2. God’s Incredible Creatures – GodsCreatures.pdf.

B. General Seminars on Saturday, October 3:

  1. Christian Apologetics As A Missions Strategy – ChristianApologeticsStrategy.pdf.
  2. Reaching Youth Through God’s Creation – ReachingYouth.pdf.
  3. Teaching Creation and Christian Apologetics Overseas – TeachingOverseas.pdf.

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