2008 Messages

MFV in 2008 – A seminar on Creation Evangelism was given at Missions Fest Vancouver in January 2008:

Vancouver, BC in 2008 – The following three presentations were given at churches in the Vancouver, BC area in April 2008:

  1. Friday, April 25 at the Tsawwassen Alliance Church on “What do Astronomy and the Physical Sciences say about Creation?” – scicreat-aps.ppt
  2. Saturday, April 26 at the Renfrew Baptist Church on “What do the Earth Sciences say about Creation? – scicreat-es.ppt
  3. Sunday, April 27 at the Fellowship Baptist Church in White Rock, BC on “What does Archaeology say about the Bible?” – arch-vbc-08.ppt


MFS in 2008 – The following three presentations were given at Missions Fest Seattle in October 2008:


  1. Friday, October 3, a Workshop for children on “God’s Incredible Creatures” – CreaturesForKids.ppt
  2. Saturday, October 4, a seminar on “Reaching Youth Through God’s Creation” – ReachingYouth.ppt
  3. Saturday, October 4, a seminar on “Reaching Children Through God’s Creatures” – ReachingChildren.ppt


Greece in 2008 – These presentations were made in Greece in October 2008:


A complete course on Christian Apologetics at the Greek Bible Institute in Athens, Greece.


Talks on the following topics in various venues in Athens, Greece.  They include [along with Greek translations]:

  1. The Creation/Evolution Controversy – Introduction.ppt [Greek version]
  2. The Scientific Case Against Evolution – EvolutionNot.ppt [Greek version]
  3. The Scientific Case For Creation – CreationYes.ppt [Greek version]
  4. What Is Intelligent Design? – IntelligentDesign.ppt [Greek version]
  5. God’s Incredible Creatures – IncredibleCreatures.ppt


Croatia in 2008 – The following presentations were made in Croatia in October/November 2008.


A complete course on Christian Apologetics at the TBA Bible School in Krapina:


A talk at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Krapina in remembrance of Reformation Day.


Two sermons at the Petrinja Baptist Church in Petrinja:

  1. The Good Samaritan – TheGoodSamaritan.ppt
  2. Solus Christus – SolusChristus.ppt

Selected topics on Christian Apologetics at the Petrinja Baptist Church in Petrinja:

  1. Does Archaeology Verify The Bible? – Archaeology.ppt
  2. Why Is There So Much Pain and Suffering? – PainSuffering.ppt

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