Debunking Evolution

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The Challenge

Today’s youth are bombarded with evolution teaching in public schools, planting seeds of doubt that result in many of our youth leaving the faith, with some estimates as high as two-thirds after they start attending college. View the Debunk Evolution Classroom Promo Video on the website to better understand the challenges faced by our youth. Students, parents, grandparents, and other adults can all benefit from the six-lesson course developed to address these challenges.

The Response


Genesis Apologetics in Folsom, CA has recently developed a series of six short video-based lessons that debunk the eleven pillars of evolution taught in junior and senior high schools today. The program was designed by experienced professionals and reviewed by scientists at the three leading Creation Ministries in the US: Answers In Genesis (AIG), Institute for Creation Research (ICR), and Creation Ministries International (CMI). This six-lesson program includes 12 short videos to prepare students for evolution teaching in public schools. Together with the Debunking Evolution book and Student Guide, this program is based on a straight-forward view on Genesis.

The training resources for this program consist of a DVD and a book on Debunking Evolution, along with a Student Guide. This program includes six lessons designed to address evolution teaching in public schools from a biblical standpoint. The Student Guide and the twelve short videos can be used by students, parents, teachers, youth pastors, and others for learning how to address evolution teaching from an informed, biblical perspective.

Using The Student Guide

Virtually all public schools teach evolution as fact, and this takes a serious toll on the faith of many unprepared Christians. The straight-forward account in Genesis provides the true history of Creation, yet so many of today’s youth fall prey to evolution teaching, losing their trust in the Bible and the Christian faith as a result. This book guides the student through the six-lesson program with fill-in-the-blanks and commentary for each lesson. The companion DVD includes twelve helpful videos that help students understand the weak foundations of evolution teaching and the strong case for Biblical Creation. Answers for the fill-in-the-blanks can be found in the back of the Student Guide. The twelve short videos are also available online at the website.

The Six Lessons

  1. Why is Creation/Evolution Training Important?
  2. Bible History – Real or Fiction? Can We Trust the Bible’s account of history?
  3. Human Evolution: Did Humans Evolve from Ape-like Creatures?
  4. Creation-Evolution 101: Adaptation & Natural Selection
  5. Creation-Evolution 102: Common Ancestors/Branching & Homology
  6. Creation-Evolution 201: Fossils, Whales, and Extinction.

The Producers

Dr. Dan Biddle, President of Genesis Apologetics, is the editor of the book on Debunking Evolution. The authors of the book include David Bassett, Dr. Jerry Bergman, Dr. Daniel BiddleDavid Bisbee, Caleb LePore, Roger Patterson, Pat and Sandy RoyDr. Jonathan Sarfati, Roger Sigler, Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, and Cornelius van Wingerden.

Pat Roy, creator of the Jonathan Park Series and one of the authors of the book often speaks on the topic of Debunking Evolution covering all twelve topics presented in the Debunking Evolution video series. His presentation is comprised of a Powerpoint lecture and video clips from the series itself. The twelve topics include Human EvolutionAdaptationNatural SelectionCommon AncestorsVestigial StructuresFossilsRadiometric DatingUniformitarianismWhale EvolutionHomological StructuresExtinction, and Why Creation?

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