What’s Happening With Global Warming Under Trump?

Here are some recent news updates on the Global Warming issue:
Reading the above articles and news releases you find:
  • That violates a 1993 Bill Clinton executive order requiring that federal agencies assess both benefits and costs of proposed regulations. It is also irrational, completely contrary to human experience.
  • Global warming policies are incredibly expensive and wasteful.  The “social cost” construct is designed to justify that spending by comparing it to massive “costs” that are not substantially grounded in reality.
  • It is time to put an end to politicized science and economics.  Cutting the global warming politics out of EPA’s budget and doing away with the politicized “social cost” of carbon are two solid steps in the right direction.
Then there is this from ClimateDepot:
Some other relevant articles on GW history:

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Hopefully Trump will do the right thing. Enough is enough!

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