Have a Blessed Thanksgiving With Family and Friends

thanksgiving     squanto

On Thanksgiving I’m reminded of the story of  Squanto (a native Indian) and how God used him to teach the early pilgrims in America how to survive in the harsh environment they found themselves in. You can find that story here.

We are thankful for what God has bestowed on us over the past year. To name just a few of these blessings:

  • Family and friends here and around the world.
  • Spending time on Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.
  • Our health and well being.
  • Our safety in this troubled world.
  • Freedoms that we enjoy in this country.
  • Recent elections with a strong leader in the wings.
  • Opportunities to be of service here and overseas in the near future.

May God bless you on this Thanksgiving day and in the Christmas season coming up over the next month. And may God use us to be of service to others as He brings them across our paths.

Heinz and Gerda

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