Letter to Editor – The Bible is not a fairy tale

Letter submitted to the editor at the Everett Herald

Two recent letters expressed different opinions about the
verity of the Bible – 1) Misplaced blame is not helpful,
and 2) Bible is not book of fairy tales. Many people opine
that the Bible is a religious book based on what they
hear from others without even reading it for themselves.
Others who have read and studied the Bible have come to
understand that the Bible is true and is supported by
the evidence that is there for all to see. We see that its
truth is confirmed by History, Geography, Archaeology
and Prophecy. The Bible is not a book of Science, but when
it makes scientific statements in the science disciplines of
astronomy, geology, oceanography, physics, biology, etc.,
its statements are remarkably true. In some cases it
even anticipates scientific truths only discovered by
scientists over the last few centuries. The Apologetics
Forum of Snohomish County
defends the truth of the
Bible at its monthly meetings (ApologeticsForum.org)
with presentations by noted scientists and apologists.
Dr. Heinz Lycklama
[Phone: 425-501-5075]

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